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Thank you for visiting Mountain Moving Ministries International. We exist as a ministry to stand in opposition to the false teachings of our day and to spread the true Gospel message of Yeshua to the entire world. Yeshua came to save His people from their sins, not in their sins. He is the Messiah of Israel. He was born a Jew and lived as a Torah observant Jew, as did His early followers. God has instructed us how to live in His written Torah and Yeshua is the living Torah who showed us how to live to please the Father. This site is being updated regularly and we invite you to search the site for the truth it contains and come back often.
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Mountain Moving Ministries International was founded on the uncompromising, infallible, unchanging Word of God. Founders Barry and Susan Jenkins have determined to walk by faith and preach the truth of God’s Word. The ministry believes that a return to the Hebraic roots of the early followers of Yeshua as continued by James the leader of the Jerusalem church is necessity for the church to fulfill the Great Commission. Faith without works is dead and our lives must demonstrate our transformation. We, as a church, must depart from the traditions of men and base our walk and faith on the Word of God. We desire to follow the Torah believing it to be God's instructions to us in how we should live our lives.
The Truth About America

Have you been concerned about the direction our country is heading?

Are you concerned about the declining morals of America?

Are you looking for answers as to why the things that used to be right are now wrong and the things that used to be wrong are now right?

Do you want Biblical answers to these questions? If so, CLICK HERE.

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by Pastor Barry Jenkins
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Was Jesus a Christian?

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In this message 2 Corinthians 6:17-7:1 forms the basis of a call to separate from evil. There is to be no harmony with unbelievers as our fellowship and communion are different. Believers are light and unbelievers are in darkness. In Part 1 of this challenging word, Pastor Jenkins Sr. reviews the history of this local church and proclaims a need to separate from evil. Listen and be prepared to live a life of sacrifice for Jesus Christ.

How to Get SavedHow to get SAVED

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Become An Overcomer.
Find out how.
Reigning as KingsFeatured Book
Reigning As Kings
You are to reign as a king in this life. This is your right and privilege as a child of God. This book will empower you to rule in key areas of your life!

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