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The Truth About America by Barry Jenkins

Have you been concerned about the direction our country is heading?

Are you concerned about the declining morals of America?

Are you looking for answers as to why the things that used to be right are now wrong and the things that used to be wrong are now right?

Do you want biblical answers to these questions?

If so, The Truth About America has been written for you. Pastor Barry Jenkins explains what is happening right now in our country and why. Then, he will explain step by step what we need to do to reverse the course. Read The Truth About America today and tomorrow begin to take back America from the forces that seek to destroy it!

The Truth About America can be read in about 1 hour. It is designed to be brief and to the point. Our country needs Christians to stand up for righteousness and holiness and stop the wave of immmorality that is brought by the forces of darkness. It is not too late for the United States to return to its Godly roots. You may purchase a copy of The Truth About America for Five dollars US ($5.00) which includes shipping and handling by clicking on the "Missions" button on any page. For a $5.00 donation, a copy of this 60 page book will be sent to you. May God bless you as you stand for righteousness and holiness.

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